Starting cross-country skiing can come at a very early age, and often we have to get over the pitfall of purchase a pair of skis that aren’t the best for your child because they are cheaper or because you are afraid that your child will grow out of them quickly. A too-large pair of skis can endanger your child’s safety, and it is much better to have a pair that they will grow out of soon than a pair that doesn’t fit.

When shopping for the best cross-country skis for children, make sure that you take several factors into consideration. First of all, the skis should be “no-wax” for very young children to allow your child to keep their footing better. If your child is on his second pair of skis, or is above six years old, he can graduate to a waxed pair. The skis should reach to his wrist when stood on end. Ski poles should reach to his underarms and no higher, and should have adjustable straps. The boots should be comfortable with the appropriate binding of the skis easy for a child to use, and should not have loose straps.

When it comes to clothing, although your child should be warm, nordic skiing is not like downhill. Thinner multiple layers are best as you kid is going to get a workout for sure and overheating will be a factor.

junior ski package

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