Cross Country Skate Skiing

If you’re considering getting into skate skiing—or maybe even racing—then it’s definitely worth investing in the appropriate skate skiing gear.

Skate Skis

At Kelowna Cycle Nordic we have a large selection of Skate ski’s to choose from. Skate skis need to be short and light enough to be picked up off the ground during each forward stride, yet long enough to provide adequate glide and stability. Remember that your height and weight will factor into the length of ski that is right for you. The camber of the ski is also important. Camber is the amount of bend, or arch, built into a ski. It affects the flex and strength of a ski. It is possible to skate for short stretches on traditional cross-country camber skis, and people often do skate up moderate inclines on them. It’s much easier and more efficient, however, to skate on the correct gear if you want to go very far.

Most skate skis have waxable bases, built for glide only. This is because a skate ski’s edges, rather than the base, are relied on for traction and forward momentum. On nonwax ski bases, the grip patterns used for pushing off during the classic touring stride would interfere with the skating motion.

Skate Skiing Boots

Skating boots offer more ankle support than touring boots to help protect against the twisting forces involved in the skating technique. They also have stiffer soles to help minimize torsional and forward flex, both of which can hamper skating performance. Comfort should be your number one concern when selecting any ski boot. Once you’ve found the right boots, you can select compatible bindings.

Skate Poles

To skate efficiently, your poles need to be long enough for you to use the major muscle groups in your abdomen and upper body to propel yourself forward. Skating poles should reach from the ground up to a point somewhere between your chin and your lips (as opposed to your armpits for touring poles). This pole length represents approximately 90% of your overall height.

Skate Skiing Packages

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We have many other ski packages that we can tailor to your specific cross country ski needs. We can work with you to build a package that is appropriate for your ski season and budget.